Using Giving Levels Effectively

Giving levels are great at displaying impact transparency, giving the donor an idea of what their gift can actually do. The true goal of a giving level is to elicit an emotional response, and incrementally increase average gift size in the process.

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25 Unique Fundraising Ideas

Here are 25 unique ways to get involved fundraising this year! #2017GOALS 1. Be Fit to Fundraise Organize a wellness initiative including get fit campaigns with healthy eating plans and exercise regimes. Fundraiser money can comes from many areas such as sign up fees or goal setting on…

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National Volunteer Month: The Importance of a Volunteer

Volunteers are individuals who have prioritized the goal and mission of your organization over their own leisurely pursuits. Volunteers come equipped with time, skills, perspectives and enthusiasm that enrich and refresh your organization. The personal dedication demonstrated, is accreditation for your cause and its operations. It’s your duty…

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9 Off Season Fundraising Ideas

Almost all non profits know that from Thanksgiving to the New Year is when the majority of giving occurs. Here are some ideas to help incentivize gifts beyond the holiday season. Throw an outdoor party. We sure may miss the holiday season but the beautiful weather up ahead…

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Thanking Donors Effectively

Do you remember the last time someone thanked you genuinely? Sincere gratitude translates differently than the automated, rehearsed thank-you’s we so often exchange in conventional conversation: after a purchase, when someone holds the door etc. …“‘Preciate it”. A mumbled “Thanks”. A hurried “Thank you”. Recognizing that our social…

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A Case for Storytelling & Impact Based Transparency

Donor engagement and donor retention are constantly talked about, but rarely is the precursor touched upon: the establishment of trust. Many organizations attempt to gain this asset through a display of financial transparency. However, while financials are a well intentioned first step, the benefits of a unique and…

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5 Best Practices: Monthly Donors

In this field, it feels at times as though the work is never through…and maybe it really isn’t. From mission to vision, there’s just too much that can be done–it’s hard to go home! The demands of staff, beneficiaries, donors and organization operations are all involved in the…

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